Tour De Texas No-Prep Championship

If you live in or race in Texas, then the Project X Promotions Tour De Texas No-Prep Championship is for you! Come on the tour with us this 2021 season as we hit 4 big events at 3 different racetracks in the great state of Texas. Championship points will be kept in Big Tire & Small Tire, and prizes will be awarded at the season finale, Winter Meltdown 6. If you are ready to get back to having fun No-Prep racing this year, mark your calendar down and get ready to race! We will see you at the first event, Bounty Hunters 5, in Odessa Texas on March 5-6!

Tour Flyer2

Official 2021 Points Structure & Procedures

All round points calculations are based off of Saturday's Main Event Big Tire & Small Tire classes. Extra Points available during Friday Night Cash Days. Brawl In The Falls 2.0 is a Points and a Half event, and will be calculated on a 1.5X multiple of the below values. Updated 1/6/2021

How To Earn Points

Points rewarded are driver, not vehicle specific. Drivers may change vehicles over the course of the "tour" while maintaining their points totals.

  • Show up- 10 Points per event
    *Racer must pass tech and complete burnout in 1st round of Saturday's main event for these points*
  • Round Win- 10 Points per round win
  • Winner Bonus- 10 Points
  • Runner Up Bonus- 6 Points
  • Semi Finalist Bonus- 4 Points

Extra Points Opportunities

  • Compete in all scheduled 2021 Tour De Texas events- 20 Points
  • Friday Night Cash Days Winner- 10 Points
  • Friday Night Cash Days Runner Up- 6 Points
    If final round is unable to be completed due to weather circumstances, both racers will receive Runner Up bonus points*
  • Eliminate previous Main Event Winner from competition in Saturday eliminations- 8 Points
  • Eliminate current Points Leader (going into event) from competition in Saturday eliminations- 8 Points

Tie Breakers

If a tie exists in any prize winning points position at the end of the Tour De Texas, it shall be resolved as follows. If, after step one is followed a tie still remains, additional steps are to be followed until tie is broken.

  • Number of Events Attended
  • Number of Round Wins
  • Number of Head-to-Head Wins

Championship Prizes

TBA- Look for announcements on Championship Prizes coming soon!

Championship Points Standings

Big Tire & Small Tire points standings after 1 of 4 races.
Next Event: Brawl In The Falls 2.0, May 7-8. 1.5x Points Race

Race 1 Points Sheet

Bounty Hunters 5

Penwell Knights Raceway
Odessa, Texas
March 5-6, 2021

Brawl In The Falls 2.0

Wichita Raceway Park
Wichita Falls, Texas
May 7-8, 2021

Freedom & Fireworks

Houston Raceway Park
Baytown, Texas
July 2-3, 2021

Winter Meltdown 6

Houston Raceway Park
Baytown, Texas
December 3-4, 2021