Release Flyer WM2

Bringing The Street To The Racetrack!

Coming to our NEW HOME at San Antonio Raceway on December 29 & 30, 2017, Winter Meltdown 2 takes no-prep racing to the next level! 660 feet of BARE CONCRETE awaits some of the fastest outlaw racers in the country, as they see if they have what it takes to tame one of the most challenging racing surfaces ever contested. The real street racers will look to shine here, as more than $60,000 is on the line across all of the racing classes. This is the year-end racing party that you cannot afford to miss!

Order your tickets online for a hassle free experience!

Pre-ordering your tickets online is easy and saves you time on raceday! Keep an eye on the Project X Promotions and San Antonio Raceway Facebook pages for discount codes and ticket promotions leading up to the event!

2016 Event Highlights

Our first year of Winter Meltdown was a great success! Check out these event highlights from the Edinburg race.

2017 Classes & Rules

With 10 classes and over $60,000 up for grabs, there is a place for just about everyone at Winter Meltdown 2!

Class Pre-registration

Please take a quick minute to let us know that you are coming. This helps us get tech cards ready in advance and gives you a chance to be featured on our flyers!

Big Tire

2016 Winner- The 55
$250 Entry, $15,000 to win

Saturday, Dec 30th

  • 24 cars for full payout ($10k at 12 cars)
  • Door cars only
  • Must start unassisted from inside car
  • Composite body cars must be +/- 3in of factory wheelbase
  • Must fit spirit of the class (street race/no prep cars)

29in Shootout

2016 Winner- Flaco

$250 Entry, $15,000 to win

Saturday, Dec 30th

  • 24 cars for full payout ($10k at 12 cars)
  • Any engine combination
  • 29.5x10.5 non-w max tire size
  • 28x10.5W is OK
  • No wheelie bars
  • Cars must maintain general factory appearance

28in Shootout

2016 Winner- Casey Rance

$250 Entry, $15,000 to win

Saturday, Dec 30th

  • 24 cars for full payout ($10k at 12 cars)
  • 28x10.5 non-w or 275 radial MAX tire size
  • No twin turbo combinations (TT cars run with 29in class)
  • Stock front suspension (backhalf ok)
  • No wheelie bars
  • Must retain factory firewall (notched for clearance ok)

King of the Tailgate

2016 Winner- The Sonoma

$200 Entry, $5,000 to win

Friday, Dec 29th

  • 10 vehicles for full payout
  • Must have functioning tailgate or tailgate provision
  • Trucks must retain steel cab (no all composite trucks)

True Street

2016 Winner- Casey Rance

$200 Entry, $5,000 to win

Saturday, Dec 30th

  • 10 cars for full payout
  • 275 radial or 28x11.5 DOT slick max tire size
  • Vehicle must be registered/insured
  • Stock style front suspension (no backhalf or aftermarket 4-links)
  • Must have dashboard
  • No wheelie bars
  • All cars must complete 30 mile cruise without stopping or refueling
  • No swapping tires after cruise

Street Truck Shootout

2016 Winner- Racetech's Shadow

$100 Entry, $3,500 to win

Friday, Dec 29th

  • 12 trucks for full payout
  • Truck must be registered/insured
  • Must retain factory pickup bed and cab
  • Stock style front suspension
  • Must maintain general factory appearance inside & out (safety items are ok)
  • 6.0 ET breakout

6.0 Index

New class for 2017!

$100 Entry, 100% payback + $1,000 on top

Saturday, Dec 30th

  • Door cars only
  • Throttle stops/delay boxes MUST be disabled
  • 6.0 ET breakout

Factory Street

New class for 2017!

$100 Entry, 100% payback

Friday, Dec 29th

  • DOT approved drag radials only (no slicks)
  • Must have factory type drivetrain (no engine swaps to different type of engine)
  • Must maintain factory appearance
  • Exhaust with muffler(s) is required
  • 6.0 ET breakout

Street & Extreme Bike

New classes for 2017!

$100 Entry, 100% Payback

Friday (Street) & Saturday (Extreme)


  • DOT rear tire
  • No wheelie bars
  • No air shifters
  • No aftermarket power adders


  • No wheelie bars

General Event & Track Rules

  • All races are 1/8 mile with the boards off
  • Pimp juice burnouts only
  • One burnout only (PXP/Track staff has final say on questionable burnout situations)
  • Instant green tree with true win light for all races
  • 7 second timeout and courtesy staging in effect
  • Your car (and all of its pieces) MUST remain in your lane before the finish line or it will be considered a cross
  • Jump you lose, cross you lose (first is worst)

All vehicles MUST fit the spirit of their class. Project X Promotions has the final say on vehicles. All vehicles must be able to pass general safety tech inspection. San Antonio Raceway has the final say on tech.

Friday night- Only way to race if you are not in a class is to participate in Grudge Racing ($50 tech card).